​​​​​Tax Filing deadline for 2021 is April 15th

July  is a good time for a Premium Tax Credit Checkup 


 ITIN Renewals

-Click on the link to find out  more information regarding who must renew their ITIN.


Did you file a Tax Extension?

-Your Taxes are due on ​ October 15, 2021

3330 Court st. #r 
 Pasco Wa 99301


Common Filings and  Due Dates for:

941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return

Washington State Labor and Industries

Washington State Employment Security 

Washington Department of Revenue*

Quarter 1 - January, February, March                

Due April 30

Quarter 2 - April, May, June                                  

Due  July 31

Quarter 3 - July, August, September                  

    Due October 31

Quarter 4 - October, November, December   

Due January 31

Annual Filings can include:

940 Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return

944 Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return

Washington State Department of Revenue*

Due January 31

*Washington State Department of Revenue will determine whether you will be a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual filer for your  State Excise Tax Return.