Important Dates

January 15 of following year:

  • 4th Estimated Tax Payment for Individuals & Sole Proprietors

January 31 of following year:

  • Deadline for Employers to Provide Form W-2’s to Employees

March 15

  • Corporate (C & S) Tax Returns Due
  • Partnership Tax Returns Due
  • Estate Income & Trust Tax Returns Due

April 15

  • Individual & Partnership Tax Returns Due
  • Last Day for IRA or Solo 401(k) contributions for previous tax year
  • 1st Estimated Tax Payment Due for Individuals & Sole Proprietors

May 15

  • Non-Profit & Trust Income Tax Returns Due for calendar year filers

June 15

  • 2nd Estimated Tax Payment Due for Individuals & Sole Proprietors

September 15

  • 3rd Estimated Tax Payment Due for Individuals & Sole Proprietors
  • Corporate & Partnership Tax Returns Due, if an extension was requested
  • Non-Profit & Trust Income Tax Returns Due, if an extension was requested

October 1

  • Deadline for Self-Employed to establish SIMPLE-IRA for current year

October 15

  • Individual Tax Returns Due, if extension was requested
  • Deadline to fund SEP-IRA or Solo 401(k)


  • Q1 – April 30
  • Q2 – July 31
  • Q3 – October 31
  • Q4 – January 31 of following year


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